pinterest outfitting

Pinterest is one of my best friends, especially when it comes to wasting hours and hours of my day just scrolling, looking, pinning... so I did that today even though it was a really pretty fall day (the trees haven't gotten the memo, though, so most of them are still pretty green), but I had been out earlier so I don't feel like I've missed a TON. Besides, it's just barely fall. I have lots of time to enjoy the weather, that's what weekends are for.

october // photos

Great news, guys!

You remember me saying I would try to get some photos taken?

Wait, which ones? I know, I said that at least two times. I think it was three.

Well good news, I finally actually got them done, no thanks to me. Lottie actually came to me, instead of me going to her. So that was nice. And I haven't seen the photos yet, but we got them done last Saturday, which was a huge burden off my back.

Anyway, I just let her take the lead and we had a pretty easy time of it.

Let's see, things I'd like to see happen in the picture-taking future...

commenting professionally


Is there really such a thing as "professional commenting"?

Confession: I, um, made that up on the spot.

Not the idea, the name.

But if you blog regularly and you're pretty dedicated to staying on top and you have at least one real-person follower, you might want to consider following these steps to having a professional first impression on all the blogs you comment on.

dress corilynn // thoughts on

Went back and visited Dress Corilynn.

You know, the probably blog.

Well, it's still probably, but I was reading through and one of her four most recent posts was one about remodeling her living room and being nervous about sharing it on the internet because it's just not her forte, and about her getting up the guts to share because of a quote from someone she follows on Instagram.

The lady (not Cori, but the one with the quote) said
Who do you decorate your home for? I sure hope it is for the people who live in it. I do it for these people right here. I enjoy using my talents and creating, it gives me joy. I share photos of my home not because I think it is the best, far from it. But if I get negative and think why share this? So and so has a better, bigger, cooler kitchen than me, It would paralyze me. Those thoughts are Satan trying to make me feel less than.
Well, that, like, stopped me for a second.

Um, what does Satan have to do with paralyzing and making you feel less than?

So, I was like is this lady (Cori, this time) LDS? Or, Mormon. 

Glad to find out that "about" pages aren't always utterly entirely useless (I'm being a little bit harsh -- they do tend to serve at least a little purpose the majority of the time. At least 50%, if only a little bit more), because yes she is Mormon.

But speaking of Mormon...

fall // photos

OK, guys, I'm planning on taking pictures either today, or Saturday, and then taking some more over Fall break which is this coming Monday and Tuesday, October 3rd and 4th. Yay! So excited.

So, finally, some more rubber-burning. I'm so into burning.


Well, that is that. Looking forward to it.

And as soon as I get those pictures up, I'm going to either delete or make private all of my previous content-only posts.

Because, really? Who reads those?

burning rubber: this fall

I know I said in my earlier post that I would be "burning rubber" and doing stuff, and being busy.

The thing is, I've been so busy...

If you don't know, I'm in high school. That should say something right there. If you don't remember your high school years or you're not there yet, let me just tell you -- it's school school school.

And don't get me wrong, I like school. It kills time in between weekends. But I don't like having too much of it. Yesterday I was lying in bed thinking of all the things I have to do. It's crazy.

My very first science test of the year  is this Friday (whoop whoop! I love the first test), so I need to study for it and since it's conversions  (gag gag), I'm going to have to study hard because I'm terrible at converting things. And it's the worst worst worst kind of conversions: metric/English unit conversions. Yech. All those liters, milligrams, feet, slugs (slugs?), kg, mL, cm... it's all this stuff bouncing around in my head!

navigation: last but not least

You guys will not believe this.

I know I'm not.
It's like almost too good to be true!

After like four months of moping about the older/home/newer buttons at the bottom being gone, I have...drum roll please, because this is really stellar...

...finally found a way to get them back!

So scroll down to the bottom of the page. What do you see? YAY! You see the beautiful older/home/newer posts that are like gold to me. They're the last thing on the blog (basically) but I'm never ever ever going to think they're the least thing that's vital to my blog. I love those things, now. Right now. It might change sometime.

but this is really the crazy part:
OK, first let's back up. Go to Blogger > Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS. Well, at the top I had put in the code
#blog-pager {
display: none;
and saved it.

Doing that removed the older/home/newer buttons at the bottom.

But this is the crazy part: this is how I got them back.

I removed the code. 

I highlighted it and then hit backspace.


I know! Is that it!? Well, actually, yes, it is. How could that be? I was positive I had tried that! That's why I spent countless hours searching for a way to remove it instead of just erasing it. Because I had tried erasing it (highlight, backspace) but it never worked. At least I think I had done that before... I don't really know why it would still be there if I had done that, but maybe I had just put it back in afterwards.

But you just do not know how thrilled and happy I am. 

If you clicked on the post link I gave you at the top of this post, and if you took time to read it (I didn't, so don't bother... it's nothing, really. Just some petty thing about boo hoo not having the home button, big deal right), you'll notice something I said...
If I had the home, older/newer post buttons I would be burning rubber like yes! let's do something!
So, hey, let's burn some rubber.