burning rubber: this fall

I know I said in my earlier post that I would be "burning rubber" and doing stuff, and being busy.

The thing is, I've been so busy...

If you don't know, I'm in high school. That should say something right there. If you don't remember your high school years or you're not there yet, let me just tell you -- it's school school school.

And don't get me wrong, I like school. It kills time in between weekends. But I don't like having too much of it. Yesterday I was lying in bed thinking of all the things I have to do. It's crazy.

My very first science test of the year  is this Friday (whoop whoop! I love the first test), so I need to study for it and since it's conversions  (gag gag), I'm going to have to study hard because I'm terrible at converting things. And it's the worst worst worst kind of conversions: metric/English unit conversions. Yech. All those liters, milligrams, feet, slugs (slugs?), kg, mL, cm... it's all this stuff bouncing around in my head!

But. I'm really busy.

I have the Etsy thing, I have studying for a science test, I have to write a report on Current Events every week (although I have to say I'm lucky... it could be three -- two on local news and one on international report... but that's coming next year. So much to look forward to! No, honestly, it was like my fault, and I love doing that sort of thing).

Then I was also supposed to turn in a perspective paper (basically compare and contrast between two opposing sides...I chose the Sharks and the Jets from West Side Story, only instead of using the people in the movie, I just did Americans and Puerto Ricans because I'm pretty sure I'm not totally supposed to use fictional people. Maybe. Who knows) so I was supposed to turn that in this Monday and I didn't. Maybe it was tomorrow. I forget. And I didn't realize I was supposed to be working on it already because it was like BOOM there you go, work. And then I was reminded, but I thought it was just hey! friendly reminder that this is coming up! and then suddenly OK it's due on Monday. So I almost found out on Friday that I had a paper to turn in on Monday. I mean, I had the whole week, but I didn't realize that.

Ack. I hate when that happens.

Am I just not paying enough attention? I thought I was.

Probably not. I'm kind of an airhead. I think. Maybe not. I miss stuff, though, because my mind will wander (like, really easily) and then I'll be like WHAT? when someone says "paper" or "test". It's probably not a great habit to be in...


So, busy. Yeah, you can tell.

But somehow I found time to go to Zumba today. What?

And blog (ahem). Double what.

And I still have Spanish stuff to catch up on tonight, so I better run.

See you later! Planning on getting some pictures done on Saturday, up by Tuesday! Aw yaya! Looking forward to it so much because finally! OK.Whew. Till Tuesday. (sorry, ran out of exclamation points.)

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