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Went back and visited Dress Corilynn.

You know, the probably blog.

Well, it's still probably, but I was reading through and one of her four most recent posts was one about remodeling her living room and being nervous about sharing it on the internet because it's just not her forte, and about her getting up the guts to share because of a quote from someone she follows on Instagram.

The lady (not Cori, but the one with the quote) said
Who do you decorate your home for? I sure hope it is for the people who live in it. I do it for these people right here. I enjoy using my talents and creating, it gives me joy. I share photos of my home not because I think it is the best, far from it. But if I get negative and think why share this? So and so has a better, bigger, cooler kitchen than me, It would paralyze me. Those thoughts are Satan trying to make me feel less than.
Well, that, like, stopped me for a second.

Um, what does Satan have to do with paralyzing and making you feel less than?

So, I was like is this lady (Cori, this time) LDS? Or, Mormon. 

Glad to find out that "about" pages aren't always utterly entirely useless (I'm being a little bit harsh -- they do tend to serve at least a little purpose the majority of the time. At least 50%, if only a little bit more), because yes she is Mormon.

But speaking of Mormon...

I also revisited Bella, the lifestyle blog.

I was trying to find the first post on her new baby, because I had been following her off and on and finally decided to just go ahead and keep checking up on her, starting today. So I did start today and found out hooray she had her baby. Nice.

And I'm not being very enthusiastic because that's not the point of my story. But I truly am happy for her and Adelaide has more hair than I have ever seen on a newborn baby and trust me I have seen a lot of newborn babies with a thick thatch.

And she's pret-ty cute.

But anyway, I was reading this blog post, clicked on the link she provided to see what she had been listening to ("listen to an 'uplifting talk'") and went to this website with some talks at a converence. Guess who's website it was.

Well how did you guess.

At the top left corner it said "CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE LATTER-DAY SAINTS" ... sooo, that really cleared things up a lot

And now that I think of it, she does mention it quite a few times.

Well, ok, not so much mention it, just seem kind of Mormon.

Why is it that everyone is Mormon these days? Or everyone who blogs about family or clothes is Mormon. Maybe just everyone who blogs.

It is really important to Mormons to look like the perfect "one big happy family", so it seems totally Mormon to blog about family and clothes and yaya aren't we happy laa.

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