commenting professionally


Is there really such a thing as "professional commenting"?

Confession: I, um, made that up on the spot.

Not the idea, the name.

But if you blog regularly and you're pretty dedicated to staying on top and you have at least one real-person follower, you might want to consider following these steps to having a professional first impression on all the blogs you comment on.

One of the hardest things for me is embedded links.

Posts have them all over, emails have them constantly, and you can use them in things like tweets, texts, and social media.

But Blogger comments, no.

However, you see people have them all the time. Take a look.
I know, I'm sorry. I just slapped it on Paint and did my editing on there. Sorry, I'm pretty laid-back when it's something so non-important as comments.

...or is it?

Well, as I was saying.

You notice at the bottom where it says "Mairi at Remodify" (try it...the link works).

That is what has been taking me so long to lead up to.

How do you embed links in Blogger comments? Trust me, if the blog you're commenting on uses a Blogger platform (in simple words, if the person made it through/using Blogger), this code will work every of October 2016, that is.
<a href="">Example Link</a>
And there you go.

Now you can say "Mairi at Example Link" (go ahead, click it -- you know you want to) and all they have to do is click on the word instead of having to highlight it, control-copy it, and then insert it into a search bar, which is a huge waste of time.

One last thing: just walking you through the steps if you're still at sea here. First, copy the link off of me, then insert it wherever you want right smack dab on your comment which is, hopefully, still unpublished and editable. Then erase "examplelink" in between the "www" and the "com" (you can leave the www and the com, as well as the . next to them so that it should look like this: "". Get right in between the two .. and), then put your link in. Mine would be "remodify", so it would look like this:
First like this:
then: www..come
and finally:


I'm, not just .com.

That's fine. Simply insert "" (don't forget to leave out the . in between the "remodify" and "blogspot" or it won't word!) and you should be good.

Whew. So that's over. Now just jump over to the ">Example Link</a>". This is what is going to show up as the word, with the link "behind" it, so that you just click on the word and it will take you where the comment-er tells it to take you. Just erase the words "Example Link" and insert your own word. If you want it your blog name, put your blog name there, with as many spaces as your blog name normally has (or dashes or question marks or exclamation marks... it's just text, so it's totally laid-back and easy-going). Or you can put "click here" instead or just "see blog here" or if you're saying "I found *this* really interesting" and you want to embed a link into the word "this", then just erase "Example Link" (like I said before...I'm really sorry, guys), and put "this" into the space.

Also, the link that you embed does not have to be a blog. Obviously. The computer doesn't care what it is, as long as it has "www." and ".com" before + after it.

I hope I haven't been too confusing.

Thanks to Mark Thomas for giving me the information I needed, right here.

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