october // photos

Great news, guys!

You remember me saying I would try to get some photos taken?

Wait, which ones? I know, I said that at least two times. I think it was three.

Well good news, I finally actually got them done, no thanks to me. Lottie actually came to me, instead of me going to her. So that was nice. And I haven't seen the photos yet, but we got them done last Saturday, which was a huge burden off my back.

Anyway, I just let her take the lead and we had a pretty easy time of it.

Let's see, things I'd like to see happen in the picture-taking future...

I think, next time, I might want it a little more laid-back. I don't want very pose-y pictures. I want just some shots, kind of off-guard. Not totally planned, really.

There are too many of those out there.

Like, look at all the clothing blogs you see out there and you don't see very many that look totally natural like whoa, someone just happened to take a nice picture of me! Who knew, right?


So that's what I'm wanting to see in the future.

Anyway, just wanted to let my millions of readers/fans know that I'm still up and running and some photos are on the way. I know everyone has just been flocking to see when I'm going to get those up.

You'll just have to wait.

...and please. No emails. I have like five million just sitting there. Sorry. Popular people, big names, the celebs...they just have so much going on.

Right. See you later.

In fact, you'll actually see me later, because I'm going to have pictures! So hey, that's cool. Feel free to send me your pictures. Check out my about page. It's going to have a picture, so you'll have a face to put to a name. Pretty nice, to know I'm a real person. ;)

Later, 'gator!

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