question: what should I do?

I'm thinking about either changing this blog or taking down all the posts or just making it private or something.

But honestly I just don't see myself keeping this either updated or keeping it the same thing. I was thinking about it and wondering if I would be ok with other people seeing it and really I wouldn't be. If Mom were like oh yes I want to see/read your blog or my friends were like hey can I read it? I would be like nononononono. And if I'm like that, this probably isn't the right kind of blog to have.

Besides, do you know how many blogs I have!

Five that I post on regularly, and two that I have just lying around. OK, never mind I counted.

I have ten blogs. TEN! TEN BLOGS!  That's like, ten too many!

Wellll, ok, no only nine too many. But still, nine! Ten! Ten blogs! What? I don't post on like three of them regularly, but still, they're taking up space!

Ohhh yeah, not to mention my Wordpress blog so...eleven blogs.

Which means I gotta delete some of them. Weird, right, because I already deleted like three or four a few months ago... I just hate getting rid of stuff so I need to go ahead and just once and for all get rid of them. Not all of them, just the ones I want to/can get rid of. 

Anyway, I guess I'll keep this one around, it's kind of my pet... but I am not going to post about clothing, it's too much of a hassle to fit in taking pictures for this blog and it's a pain for Lottie to edit them above all her other work, and I never actually get around to posting them, anyway!

But I love the name. Remodify. I made it up, so I feel like I shouldn't change it. I guess "Remodify" could mean I'm re-changing my life? I don't know, that sounds lame.

Well, ok. Here's hoping.

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