ugly outfit day

Today was “Ugly Outfit Day” so we showed up in hideous outfits. Some of us had some terrific outfits and I wish I could have gotten all of them together and been able to post them but of course I couldn't. Others didn't have great ones, but that's ok. Mine was... well... draw your own conclusions.
Sorry about the filter. I don't know what's wrong with the camera and I don't know how to change it. I'll figure it out someday. Oh yeah and sadly my grandmother sent me socks after the event, so I couldn't wear them which was sad because they clashed so horribly!

Oh and here are all the details on the outfit so you can wear one too!
Starting from the top: dark red cableknit headband thing* / hot pink, puffy vest from Old Navy / sea green zip-up hoodie from Old Navy / bulky cableknit sweater from...? / flowy, light green skirt from Target**, "water leggings" from Old Navy Active wear***, and teal sparkle socks from Target
*sorry, can't get it. One of my friends made it for me
**Cherokee, so it's not available anymore (which is O-K by me because Cherokee wasn't that cute anyway, as evident by the skirt)
***"water leggings" are just my name for them (I also call them "the Haley leggings" which is a long story) and they're not available least, I couldn't find them.

oh and guys: I'm really sorry. Fall photos are truly coming! I've just been so swamped lately what with tests seemingly all the time! and midterms, all of us clashing because we're home now that it's winter break...oh and I had a science and a math test today so... we'll see how well I did on Monday. I think I got a high B. ahh!

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