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Hi! I've never really written written an about me page and I don't really like talking about myself because it's a little bit weird, so I'm just going to give you a description of me, and not talk about what I like, what I do, where I live, etc.

I'm probably a lot younger than you think I am, I have kind of a long face (at least, that's what my sister says...I don't know what a long face looks like, so who knows?) except when I smile. When I smile, I have a round face. I also have a baby face, but that's not very descriptive. I'm around 5'3" ish? I haven't measured myself since I was 5'3" so I wouldn't know. I have brown hair, blue eyes, black glasses that would probably fall into the "nerdy glasses" category but since I hate that phrase, I'm just going to say they're big glasses. I don't even like nerdy glasses. I also have a lot of freckles, dimples, and things to do.

Well, that's me.

The End.
{ about the title }

The title to this blog might seem a little bit...odd, maybe? But it also might seem a little bit familiar. Like maybe you've heard a word like this before (you're certain that "remodify" is not a word in any language, aren't you).

Well, I can tell you one thing. If you're positive you've heard the exact word "remodify" before, that's either because of two things:

One because you probably heard someone talking about this specific blog or something that has the exact same name as this blog.

Two is that you are wrong. You misheard. Sorry, but that's the only other logical explanation. I just cannot think of any other reason for why you might have heard the name "Remodify".

My blog is from the word "modify". The "re" part is, well...

"Re" comes from a Latin word, I think, meaning, basically, "to do over". I'm trying to, in short, "do over" my style. Or, my sense of style. Maybe not my style.

Google describes the word "re" pretty well. It says that "re" means "once more; afresh; anew." Example: "reaccustom". Or, "with return to a previous state." Example: "restore".

As I said before, "to do over [again]".

But. I took such a roundabout way, and I'm sorry, but language has always been kind of fascinating for me. Anyway, I got the word from cramming "re" onto the beginning of "modify" which simply means "to make partial or minor changes to something" (or alter, change, adjust, revise, reshape, refashion, restyle. See Google's definition, and the example words underneath and you'll see every single word I put in there. Where do you think I got those words in the first place?). SO, I am doing over again partial or minor changes to my style.

Actually, in this case, it's major changes. 

My style is terrible. Probably because I have none.

But that's what all of this is about (or, this blog is about) -- changing my style, yes, but first and foremost, finding it. Pretty tough stuff. But that's where you come in.

Follow along, comment, like, share, whatever you want to do, and see how well I make it. Or if I make it.

Thanks for looking around!

Have any questions?

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